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Better Genetics is the key to amazing herd quality.

Welcome to C5 Whitetails, your premier destination for superior deer breeding! At C5 Whitetails, we specialize in the careful selection, breeding, and nurturing of exceptional whitetail deer, ensuring the highest quality genetics in our breeding program. Our commitment to excellence begins with our carefully curated breeding stock, comprised of only the most robust and genetically superior bucks. These magnificent specimens have been meticulously chosen for their impressive antler development, strong physical attributes, and overall health. We believe in promoting and preserving the finest traits in deer genetics to enhance the quality of future generations.

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Breeding Facility

Each breeding pen contains full shelter, clean water and free choice of high -protein feed

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Expert Nutrition

Understanding diet selection by white-tailed deer is best accomplished by first knowing what whitetails "should" eat.

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Superior Does

Only the highest quality Does are used in our breeding stock.